If you’ve landed here, it’s because you’re looking for accommodations in Torri del Benaco, that quaint town on the shores of Lake Garda that shines with its own light. This town retains the essence of a medieval place, guarded by stone walls and towers, along with a Roman harbor and numerous prehistoric sites.

For many reasons, this picturesque destination has been chosen multiple times by celebrities such as Laurence Olivier, Maria Callas, Jacques Piccard, and monarch Juan Carlos I.

We aim to provide all the information possible for travelers planning to book an apartment, which could be useful in making some decisions before visiting this beautiful town in northern Italy.

First, let's start by choosing the best time to visit and rent an apartment in Torri del Benaco.

Located on Lake Garda, it has a climate that varies quite a bit throughout the year, which influences the best time to visit according to preferences.

Spring (March - May)

Climate: Progressive increase in temperatures and day length.

Precipitation: There is a gradual increase in rain, especially towards the end of May.

Recommendation: It’s a good time to visit if you enjoy the rebirth of nature and milder temperatures.

torri del benaco spring

Summer (June - August)

Climate: Hot and mostly clear. July is the clearest month.

Precipitation: Less likelihood of rain compared to spring, although June tends to have more rainy days.

Recommendation: Ideal for outdoor activities and enjoying the lake.

torri del benaco summer

Autumn (September - November)

Climate: Temperatures start to drop and days get shorter compared to summer.

Precipitation: The amount of rain increases again, with October being the wettest month.

Recommendation: If you prefer cooler weather and enjoy autumn colors, this is a good time.

torri del benaco autum

Winter (December - February)

Climate: Cold and more likely to be cloudy, with November being the cloudiest month.

Recommendation: Although it’s colder, it’s less touristy, which can be ideal if you’re looking for tranquility.

torri del benaco winter

Let's talk about the location of this gem of a town on Lake Garda and how to get there.

Location: Torri del Benaco is located on Lake Garda, the largest lake in all of Italy. It is situated in the north of the country in the Veneto region, between the Alps and the Po Valley, close to Verona and Brescia.

How to get there: You can arrive by car, enjoying the picturesque Italian landscapes along the way. If you prefer public transport, trains and buses connect Torri del Benaco with several cities like Verona and Brescia, although it may be necessary to combine different modes of transport. If you’re traveling from much further away, there’s the option of flying to Verona’s airport and then continuing the journey by road or public transport.

Once in Torri del Benaco, there’s a ferry service that connects the town with the opposite shore of the lake and allows you to cross comfortably to visit the little towns on that side without the need for a huge detour.

holidays torri del benaco garda

Understood seasons and location, let's see what types of apartments we can find in Torri del Benaco and what to expect from them.

In Torri del Benaco, you can find a wide variety of accommodations that are suitable for both couples and families.

For Couples: You can opt for elegant and private apartments, which offer a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere for a romantic getaway. These apartments usually come with all the amenities and are well located for exploring the area. Keep in mind that the town is not too big, so apart from finding an apartment with lake views, all accommodations will have an excellent location for getting to know the place.

For Families: If you’re traveling with family, you might consider renting a villa or chalet, but it’s also easy to find larger holiday apartments. These are options with more space, multiple bedrooms, and common areas, ideal for families or large groups. Additionally, many of these properties include access to pools and gardens, making them ideal for a longer and more relaxing stay.

Prices: Holiday apartments are very popular in the area. You can find a wide range of apartments in Torri del Benaco, from €130 per night to €240 per night, with an average price for accommodations around €160. Check out all available apartments here.

The prices vary widely depending on the season, location, and amenities of the property. For example, an elegant apartment in the center may have a different price than a more remote villa with lake views.

The prices can also vary according to the season, with possible increases during the summer months, which is the high season in the region.

Bookings and Availability: I recommend checking our booking website to get a more precise idea of the prices and availability. You’ll find a wide range of options where you can filter by type of accommodation, price, amenities, and other criteria.

All the amenities for your vacations in Torri del Benaco are just a few clicks away

Holiday apartments in the Lake Garda area, including Torri del Benaco, usually offer a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay. Here is a general list of amenities you might expect to find:

Full Kitchen: Many apartment rentals in this area come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing guests to prepare their own meals. This often includes appliances like refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, or dishwashers.

Outdoor Spaces: Depending on the property, you might find terraces, balconies, or gardens, often with views of the lake or surrounding mountains.

Pools and Wellness Areas: Some apartments offer access to private or shared pools. It’s also common to find properties with wellness areas such as saunas or jacuzzis.

Internet Connection and Entertainment: Most accommodations offer free Wi-Fi. You can also find options with cable or satellite TV.

Air Conditioning and Heating: Given that the climate at Lake Garda can be warm in summer and cool in winter, most apartments are equipped with air conditioning and heating.

Laundry: Some accommodations include washing machines and dryers, which is especially useful for longer stays.

Parking: Many vacation rentals offer private parking, which is convenient if you decide to rent a car.

Security: Security features like safes, alarm systems, and secure locks are common in many properties.

Facilities for Families: If you’re traveling with children, you can look for accommodations that offer family-friendly amenities like cribs, high chairs, and play areas.

Direct Lake Access or Proximity: Some properties offer direct access to Lake Garda or are located very close to the shore, allowing easy enjoyment of water activities and the beach.

It’s important to check the specific listings of the apartments to get precise details about the amenities available, as these can vary depending on the property.

torri del benaco garda lake tourism

Closing with All the Relevant Tourist Information Before Booking Your Apartment

Torri del Benaco is known for its beautiful lake and mountainous landscapes. There are various activities like swimming, sailing, walking through natural trails, and visiting local attractions like Prada Costabella chairlift, Baia delle Sirene Park, and Canevaworld – Aqua Paradise.

It’s worth visiting Albisano, a green balcony overlooking the lake, or Crer, an ancient farmhouse among olive trees. The tourist offer is based on enjoying windsurfing, sailing, the crystal-clear waters, or walks, also on mountain bikes.

torri del benaco views
torri del benaco port

Places You Can't Miss

Historic Center: Walking through the historic center of Torri del Benaco is a delightful experience, with its narrow streets, restaurants, and shops.

Scaliger Castle: A 14th-century castle that now houses an ethnographic museum.

Oratory of the Holy Trinity: A historic chapel with 15th and 16th-century frescoes.

Harbor and Promenade: The harbor and promenade are ideal for strolling and enjoying lake views.

Tibetan Bridge between Crero and Pai: An attraction for adventure lovers, offering stunning views over the lake.

Lake Cruises: A great way to enjoy Lake Garda is by taking a ferry to see the shores from the water.

torri del benaco holy trinity
torri del benaco castle

Now you can book and start your unforgettable vacation in Torri del Benaco and the spectacular Lake Garda.

We hope to have provided valuable information for making decisions before your vacation in Torri del Benaco, and that with everything mentioned, you have a clearer idea of how to choose the best apartment for your trip to this wonderful lake.

From Domus Rental, we offer an incredible range of holiday apartments and some lakeside villas in Torri del Benaco, so you can filter, choose, and book in just a few steps the ideal place you’re looking for.

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